Weekend Challenge


The Righteous Woodstock Weekend Challenge!


Join us for any or all of the soul freeing Run Woodstock weekend events … But, to release the magical mystery power of the Woodstock weekend, groove with the beautiful people in all of the following cosmic trips and you will have the psychic energy to visit the Astral Plane, a dimension of existence beyond the physical world, a place where disembodied spirits dwell. A good trip indeed! You will return to the real world as mellow as Jell-O, recharged and refreshed from your soul to your soles and you will also receive additional hippy hardware to prove you did it!

To get this award you must complete these 4 events in 3 days!

  • Run/hike 5K Friday night
  • Run/hike 5 miles, or any one of the longer races on Saturday morning.
  • Run/hike 5K Saturday night
  • Run/hike 5 miles on Sunday morning … whew!

Optional stuff that will take us beyond the Astral Plane …

  • Take the hippy hike noon on Saturday
  • Hit a session of Yoga on Saturday afternoon
  • Hang out and listen to tunes
  • Camp out on the land and set your soul free


Start Times

Friday - September 6

100 Mile & 100K - 2:00PM

Far Out 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Saturday - September 7

50 Mile & 50K - 6:00AM

Mellow Marathon & Hippie Half - 7:30AM

Flower Power 5 Mile - 8:00AM

1 Mile Fun Run & Kids' Dash - 3:15PM

Feelin' Groovy 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Sunday - September 8

Free Love 5 Mile (Free!) - 8:30AM