Why “Run Woodstock”?

Goat Ram­blings about Run Wood­stock…

I’m sure many of you dream up ideas for a new run­ning event you would some­day like to put on, the kind of race you per­son­ally would love to run in … Or is it only me that has this prob­lem? For­tu­nately, I have an event com­pany with a great staff of obsessed event put-​er-​on-​er types that I can throw my ideas off … And then, put the dreams to real­ity, if they let me … and they did!

So Run Wood­stock was born, 3 days of peace, love, music and run­ning, or should I say 3 days of run­ning, which we love, and the peace that it brings. OK, admit­ted, I’m an old hip­pie at heart, I was only a kid when Wood­stock took place but the sounds and sights of that mel­low era are favorites of mine. Put on the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album, De JA Vu and if it makes you smile, you will def­i­nitely want to join us at run​wood​stock​.com

When a mem­ber of our staff sug­gested putting on Michigan’s only 100 mile run (Yikes!) and we dis­cussed the logis­tics and all it would take put on a 100 mile run and the fact that we’d be out at the park all week­end it rekin­dled a spark of an idea of an event I had been hash­ing over for some time, Run Wood­stock. What I pic­tured was a week­end of run­ning, kind of a 3 day run­ning camp with the addi­tion of some great clas­sic rock bands. Instead of a race you fit into your week­end, it would be a week­end cen­tered com­pletely on run­ning. The idea of a 100 mile race seemed a good fit, heck; we’ll need to be there all week­end any­way. The result has been pure magic, far more than the sum of our ideas …

We offer every event dis­tance imag­in­able for the Run Wood­stock week­end, allow­ing peo­ple to pick and choose, mak­ing the event week­end they need to set their soul free!

There seems to be two main themes to Run Wood­stock, those com­ing to take on the chal­lenge of a seri­ously long run in a far out sup­port­ive envi­ron­ment cre­ated by all that goes on at Run Wood­stock,
and those who are attracted to the idea of a week­end of mul­ti­ple trail runs, music, hikes, yoga, and per­haps putting in the most miles ever ran in a week­end or the most events they have ever done in 3 days!

Run Wood­stock offers a wide range of pro­fes­sion­ally timed event dis­tances. RF Events and the road­ies of Run Wood­stock take each of these events seri­ously and have great respect for the per­sonal chal­lenge each of you choose. Whether you enter the 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile, 50K, marathon, half marathon or 5 mile, you can expect a first class race expe­ri­ence. When you enter any of these runs or camp with us, we throw in fun orga­nized runs that include the Fri­day night 5k, Sat­ur­day night 5K/​10k and Sun­day morn­ing 5 mile. Not to men­tion, yoga, a hippy hike to Hell and the option to get in some nat­ural miles.

We hope you join us at the Hell Creek Com­mune and release your inner hippy as we run, lis­ten­ to great music, hang­ out around the camp­fire, go for moon­light swims, and escape real­ity for a while. We need this.

Peace Out,

The Head Goat

Three Full Days Of…


LIVE MUSIC The band gets busy at 4:30pm Friday


RUN­NING WILD Just the way God intended us to do it


FREE­ING YOUR SOLE Yoga, Hip­pie Hikes, Tie Dye, Nat­ural Runs and More


Week­end Lineup

Fri­day: Lemon James rocks at 3:55 with the National Anthem to send off the far out 100 mil­ers. You don’t want to miss this, also yoga at 5 pm, night run at 7:30 and rock and roll!
Sat­ur­day: The party starts to get seri­ous Sat­ur­day morn­ing about 6am when Randy cranks up the micro­phone to usher in the run­ning of the Peace, Love and 50M/​K start and the races start
Sun­day: Get ready to boo­gie down on the Free Love 5 Mile that has a long his­tory of blow­ing minds and set­ting you free at the same time … then the sad trip home …
Full 3-​day Schedule