Run Woodstock Commune Code

Bring stuff. Fun easy food for energy (and some extra to share). NO restrictions on food and beverages coming into the camp so fill that cooler. A couple gallons of water are always handy. Bring clothing for whatever the weekend brings. Tarps, umbrellas, tents, bug spray, sun screen ... Hot, cold, or rainy can all be fun when you have the right gear, start packing. For sure bring a camp chair and a blanket to lounge on.

Love thy neighbor. Leave the world out there out there, and while you’re in here, take advantage of your one shot to make the most of your experience. Savor the vibe, dig the scene. Get to know your neighbors, ask them about their plans for Run Woodstock and share yours with them. Get on the same astral plane when it comes to partying like rock stars or laying low before the challenge before you. Communicate. Hugs always work. Cheer for everyone!

Choose Happiness.  Dig the scene with an open mind and positive thoughts. Avoid negative vibes and refuse to get sucked into any black holes. If it feels good do it, if it feels icky, dance away from it. Let your hair down. Try yoga, dance, hike, run at night, perhaps run natural. Forget the watch and add an extra loop, perhaps run the most miles you ever went!

Your special, creative touch will make Run Woodstock more special than anything else! The Run Woodstock vibe is created by the sum of all the parts we all add. The hippy touches to your campsite, your hippy look and the flags, posters and toys you bring make Run Woodstock hip.  

Keep it beautiful. Living together in close quarters only works with peace, love and ... trash removal. Visit the recycle station before stuff piles up and pick up after each other.

Imagine. They may say we are dreamers, but Run Woodstock proves, we are not the only ones. Spread the word and invite them to join us, and the world will run as one.

Peace out

Start Times

Friday - September 6

100 Mile & 100K - 2:00PM

Far Out 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Saturday - September 7

50 Mile & 50K - 6:00AM

Mellow Marathon & Hippie Half - 7:30AM

Flower Power 5 Mile - 8:00AM

1 Mile Fun Run & Kids' Dash - 3:15PM

Feelin' Groovy 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Sunday - September 8

Free Love 5 Mile (Free!) - 8:30AM